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Alexandra Bastos, Founder and Managing Director

Bachelor of Marketing & Communications, MBA in Environmental Management, Permaculture Design Certificate.


Alexandra is a specialist in Marketing & Communications with a true enthusiasm for Environmental Education. A passionate and experienced Educator with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry and in the marketing & communications departments of a varied range of businesses, Alexandra Bastos brings her experience and full set of communications and facilitation skills to her approach to environmental education.


Alexandra delivers workshops, community events and behavioural changing programs to people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. She brings passion, enthusiasm, warmth, behavioural change science, sympathy, empowerment and fun to her workshops. She has worked as a waste educator for a private organisation for over 5 years where she has been responsible for delivering waste education programs to schools, community groups and residents around Sydney, supporting NSW local Councils on programs to promote waste reduction and behaviour change.


In 2016 after receiving a number of invitations from acquaintances to deliver workshops and advise them on how to improve their business and community group’s environmental footprint, she decided to expand her scope of work and meet this growing need and demand for environmental education. Alexandra has then founded MUNDO Institute and has been the managing Director of the project since then.


In the last 5 years, she has delivered over 400 environmental workshops to over 10,000 residents all over Sydney – children and adults from all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She has also advised on a number of initiatives assisting with the reduction of their environmental impact - including social events and programs for youth from a refugee background.


Having worked in the Marketing and Communications departments of large multinational companies in Brazil and Australia for over 6 years, Alexandra developed a robust set of skills in communications, events management, behavioural changing, endomarketing, market research, project management, sustainability planning and reporting, training, copywriting and designing.


In 2004 due to her growing concern about the environmental issues affecting the global community, Alexandra decided to hand over her promising career in the Marketing & Communications area to use her skills and knowledge for the benefit of the environment.  She realized that her experience and expertise in those areas were an exceptional tool to help fostering environmental sustainability. Since then she has dedicated her time to environmental education, her true passion.


She has engaged and completed a vast number of courses on environmental issues, environmental education, permaculture, changeoloy, facilitation and behaviour changing skills and has volunteered for a number of non-for-profit organisations. She has also over 5 years’ experience in language tutoring and over 2 years’ experience organising activities to elderly in a retirement village in Sydney. These experiences helped her develop her exceptional rapport building, presentation, facilitation and motivational skills.


Portuguese native speaker, fluent in English and Spanish, with Basic French language skills

“I’m truly passionate about environmental education. I love meeting people and I feel like I learn so much from everyone every time. But what I love most about my job is when I feel l I have talked to the participant’s hearts, and I see that their minds are just following, and I can see the spark in their eyes because they are feeling good and empowered and excited about their new discoveries and conclusions and they are ready to take action.”

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