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"I was impressed how quickly Alex was able to engage a culturally diverse group who did not share a common language. The workshop was practical, interactive and informative. It really makes you think about our footprint on the planet. The delivery was engaging and interactive." B. Small, SSI.

How do you think the Environmental Sustainability workshop went?

"Excellent, it was very well conceptualised, it was organised logically, based on discovery and learning, the activities were sequenced well, designed at the level of understanding of the young people with pictures and words, incorporated into group activities and fact finding missions based on discovery learning principles, all the young people were engaged, interested and learnt something I am sure they will remember that is useful to the societies we live in." Rafik Tanious, STARTTS

"The Environmental Sustainability Workshop was educative and informative both for the participants and the staff. It provides informative information on how to look after the environment safely." Susan Abau, Student

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