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We provide you with the tools and skills to help you look after the environment

Trees, Rivers, Koalas… 

The global environmental challenges that we are currently facing utterly demands new ways of thinking and doing. Water and air pollution, climate change and global warming, natural resource depletion, soil degradation... Individuals and businesses are increasingly required to take part in diverse actions, such as energy and water efficiency, waste avoidance, carbon emissions reduction.

MUNDO Institute’s goal is to contribute in the process of awareness, sensitization and transformation, promoting change of patterns and behaviour and assisting with the development and implementation of strategies for a more sustainable and happier community.




Our activities are tailored to a varied range of audiences, including:

  • Preschool to secondary education students

  • Youth, adults and senior citizens

  • All genders

  • People from diverse and multicultural backgrounds

  • Youth and adults from refugee backgrounds

  • Mixed ability groups

  • Micro, small, medium and large businesses

  • Government Agencies



MUNDO Institute’s mission is to spread the seeds of sustainability and promote environmental education through information, discussion, experience and discovery in a way that will change behaviour for the harmony of the human kind and the environment.

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